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What is involved in a Major Service?
When giving your car for a Major service with Grimaldi Engineering you get everything you would expect, and a little more. We change the Air Filter, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter(s), Spark Plugs*, and Auxiliary Belts along with draining and replacing the engine oil, fully bleeding the brakes and replacing the brake fluid, draining and replacing the anti-freeze along with toping up any other fluids that may be in need (ie: power steering fluid, gearbox oil and differential oil).

We will then undertake a complete check of the suspension (bushes and ball joints), steering (steering rack gaiters and track rod ends), brakes (checking pads and discs for ware along with an assessment of the calliper), lights, air conditioning system, electrical components and tyres (checking tyre pressures and ware on the tyres). We will then supply an analysis of the car on our findings and advise on anything that we believe should be looked into in greater detail.

As an additional service we will then supply a full SD3 diagnostic print out of faults, again offering advice on any findings.
What is involved in a Minor Service?
When giving your car for a minor service we will replace the Air Filter, Oil Filter and Engine Oil including a top up of any fluids (ie: brake fluid, anti freeze, power steering fluid, gearbox and differential oil). Once finished we will include a complete check of the car, checking the suspension, brakes, lights, air conditioning, electrical components and tyre pressures.

We will also supply a full SD3 diagnostic print out of faults, offering you advice on any findings.
Grimaldi Engineering Supply Original Parts
When entrusting your car with us we do not cut any corners. We will only supply OEM products and Agip oil unless otherwise specified. Having the unique advantage of being located on the same trading estate as Eurospares (continental parts) Ltd we have all servicing parts to hand including access to all parts (both new and used) that your vehicle could possibly need. Whilst your car is at Grimaldi Engineering your car is still yours, so we will never fit any parts to your car without prior notice.

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*spark plugs fitted subject to model
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