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SD3 Diagnostics
The SD3 is the most advanced and up to date systems diagnostic machine on the market today for Ferrari and Maserati.

Excluding main dealers, very few independent garages have access to this equipment , using older, more dated SD2 equipment . The SD3 is constantly updated and is suitable for all models of Ferrari from the 348 onwards and Maserati 3200 to Date.
For earlier Maserati see SD1 Diagnostics.
The SD3 has the advantage, comprising of the Ferrari SD2, Maserati SD2, Ferrari SD3 and Maserati SD3. Equipped with 6 monthly updates to new software developed by Ferrari and Maserati, the SD3 is ensured to be at the forefront of Italian super car technology.
The systems diagnostic equipment that we use plugs directly into your carís ECU (Electronic control Unit), enabling us to read any faults that there may be within the device, and correct any problems using our equipment . The ECUís on your car are the Ďbrainsí of a particular system like the engine management, throttle control , injection system, climate control, variable suspension, A.B.S. system, and any other electrical device.
As these ECUís control the workings and functionality of the car, if there is a problem or fault within them then this could have an undesired effect on your car. Problematic ECUís could cause your car to be under performing, burning too much fuel, or in the case of the A.B.S. ECU functioning incorrectly, cause danger to yourself and any passengers. Our equipment allows us to find and repair any such errors, to ensure that everything within your car is performing to 100%
The SD3 equipment allows us to monitor every sensor and each individual management system separately either whilst the car is stationary or on the move, meaning that we can make sure that everything is functioning correctly throughout the rev range and at varying speeds. The SD3 can provide printouts of each system for you to keep in your records so that you can monitor your carís behavior between services.
SD1 Diagnostics
The SD1 is an official Maserati System Diagnostics machine for use with the Maserati Ghibliand Quattroporte V6 and V8 including Evolution Models.

The SD1 is a piece of fault finding equipment which checks for any errors or faults within the cars ECU (Electronic Control Unit).
The ECU is the brain of the car controls the engine management. This consists of all sensors, control units and running diagnostics within the car that could be at fault and need tuning or replacing.

The advantage of the SD1 systems diagnostic device is that there is no time lost in fault finding with no need for trial and error finding. For more information on our in house SD1, SD2 or SD3 Diagnostics, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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