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In an ideal world, what would you expect from your garage?

We believe that the ideal experience is to come into a cosy office, welcomed with a friendly smile. A firm hand shake in one hand and a drink in the other. To see your beautiful sports car in a workshop fit for its prestige and to spend time talking to your mechanic, getting to know him and your car a little more. Confident, work will be carried out efficiently and to an impeccable standard, with the thought that in no time at all you will be driving away with your car providing you the full power and performance you would expect from any Italian super car.
My name is Roberto Grimaldi and I would like to welcome you to our website. Both Annabel and I come from Italian and Swiss backgrounds which we are both very proud of and run our business with a flair of Italian style and Swiss precision.

I worked for Colin Clarke at Colin Clarke Engineering for 11 years where my passion for high performance sports cars grew. There I started my 4 year apprentiship, learning the art of restoration and precision engineering. This is where I started to coin the phrase "that will do, won't do", which I have carried over into my own working environment, to achieve only the very best for my customers.

Unlike large companies where your car is hidden behind closed doors, with the workshop out of bounds and you are treated as just another customer. Here at Grimaldi Engineering your car is still yours, and we are happy for you to come along and ask all those questions you've always wanted to ask the mechanics working on your car. We are happy to spend time with you to help you build a better relationship and understanding of how your car works. Take the opportunity to explore a new side of your car and the exciting and interesting world of Italian sports cars.

At last you can feel at ease and are able to leave your car with peace of mind, knowing you have left it in safe hands, an immaculate workshop, and with professional people that care.

If you are still not convinced then please, don't hesitate to contact us.
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